Baby Weaning Foods: How To Make Your Baby Eat Vegetables

Baby weaning, feeding vegetables to the baby

The baby eating vegetables during his weaning process.

Is your baby now above 6 months? If yes, then the time has come when you gradually start the weaning process to elevate its food habits. After providing breast milk, you should try to feed your baby with fruit juices, semi-liquid food and vegetables. We know that feeding vegetables are a great task for every mother as most of the babies do not prefer eating them. But this is the most important part of the baby’s weaning process. So, have a look at the following and know how to make your baby eat vegetables and begin the weaning process. (Also Read: Which Healthy Foods You Should Provide To Your Baby While Teething)

This article includes:

  • Introduce the taste with the breastmilk
  • Avoid side effects
  • Look at the nutrient level
  • Sweetness is important
  • Ignore what makes the baby feel ‘Yuck’

How To Make Your Baby Eat Vegetables?

1. Introduce the taste with the breastmilk:
The right way to introduce vegetable tastes to your baby’s taste buds is to make them a thick concoction and feed. So, do not individually feed veggies to him/her. Rather provide the taste when you breastfeed. Tactfully put the spoon inside its mouth and feed the vegetable gradually. Gradually it will help to stop the breastfeeding process also.

2. Look at the nutrient level:

Baby weaning, feeding vegetables to the baby
The baby should eat nutritious vegetables.

As your baby has been getting the nutrients from your breastmilk, do not stop that. Now the baby needs your milk along with some weaning foods too. So, have a look at the nutrient level of the foods you are feeding him/her. Do not go for high nutrient foods like broccoli, spinach, blueberries as they lead to stomach problems. Try providing potato, carrot and light citrus fruit juices.

3. Avoid side effects:
As we already mentioned, do not provide high nutritious foods to your baby as there will be a chance to have various slide effects. Foods with a high amount of sulfur, such as cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, beans are not good for your six months old baby. It may lead to problems like stomachache, loose motion, bloating etc. in the baby.

4. Sweetness is important:

Baby weaning, feeding vegetables to the baby
While feeding vegetables to the baby, it should not be tasteless. Sweetness is much important.

Can you eat foods without taste? Your baby also can not. It is up to you how you can make these vegetables taste better. Most mothers add sweetness to the vegetable concoctions as the babies love to eat sweets. This encourages them to eat more vegetables.

5. Ignore what makes the baby feel ‘Yuck’:
You may have a food chart which is suggested by your Pediatricians. But you should understand that fact that once your baby eats a food which makes him/her vomit, they will not eat it again and will vomit every time. So, keep those bad tasting food items away from the baby. (Also Read: What Are The Foods You Should Never Feed To Your Baby)

These are the tried and tested ways which every mother is doing since ages. None of the babies love to eat vegetables until the mother uses these various way to complete the weaning process. Read this article in Hindi.

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