Baby Vomiting: Is your baby vomiting a matter of concern

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Baby vomit: If a baby vomits too much, one must consult the doctor.

Baby Vomiting: If you have just become a mother, then you must be really worried about each and everything related to your baby. Every uneasiness to your baby must be troubling you a lot. Vomiting is one of the most common concerns in a newborn baby. During the beginning months of the baby, vomiting is quite common. During the initial months, the digestion of the baby is uneasy and unstable. Besides this, they are growing as well. Still, being a mother, you must be aware of what all your baby needs and is vomiting a matter of concern or is it normal? Let’s discuss when is baby vomiting normal and when it is serious. (Also read: Step-by-step guide to bath a newborn baby with care)

Baby vomiting: Is vomiting normal or serious by a newborn baby?

  • When is vomiting normal
  • When is vomiting a matter of concern

Adjustments while eating

When shoudl we worry about baby vomiting
Baby vomit: Babies take time to adjust with the food in the beginning, thus they vomit.

After birth, initially, the baby takes time to adjust with the food. This is why the baby vomits and you must not worry about it. The baby cries while puking. However, this happens only in the initial months.

Car sickness
If your baby is vomiting while travelling in the car or on the roads, then its absolutely normal.

Crying for long

Why does a baby vomit
Baby vomit: If the baby cries for a long time, he will eventually vomit.

When your babies for a very long time or coughing, he might vomit as well. This is not a matter of seriousness. When there is too much stress on the baby, this becomes the reason for vomiting as well.

When is vomiting a matter of concern

Food allergy
When the baby starts taking the normal diet, it might occur that he becomes allergic to certain food. This happens because they are allergic to some food. You must consult your doctor in this situation.

Blood in the vomit
A slight spot of blood in the vomit is not a matter of concern. However, if this happens more than once or twice and the amount of blood is too much, you must consult a doctor.

Dehydration and fever with vomiting
If your baby is vomiting and has fever, dry mouth, no tears while crying then you must consult a doctor.

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When the newborn baby is growing, there are so many changes occurring in his body. One must take care of the hygiene of the baby. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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