Why does a baby cry while pooping

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Why does a baby cry while pooping

You must be worrying about the excessive crying of your baby while they poop. This is common but a matter of concern for many parents. Parents should try to understand what are the real causes of your baby crying. While the baby poops, there are many things that might trouble him/her. A baby cries even if the diaper is wet. A newborn baby can’t convey what he feels through words, thus they cry and suggest that they are in an inconvenience. If your baby is crying beyond limits while pooping, you must take a stringent action to ease his/her pain. Making a newborn baby comfortable is one of the toughest tasks. Thus, here are some of the probable reasons for a baby crying while pooping. (Also read: What type of allergies a newborn baby is prone to get)

Why does a baby cry while pooping?

Baby is still developing: While the baby is still developing, it finds it hard to poop. We, as grown-up adults sometimes find pooping very painful. It involves a proper coordination between the muscles for ensuring the proper bowel movement. Baby being in the process of development, can’t bear the pain of the pressure. Thus, pooping becomes difficult for the baby.

Lack of energy: If a baby is already tired and is unable to sleep properly. He will definitely have a lack of sleep. This will lead to irritability and exhaustion in the baby. Thus, they will cry when they face even a little pain while they poop. (Also read: How to help your baby to sit independently)

Constipation: Constipation leads to difficulty in passing the stool. A baby will cry a lot if there is an excess pain in his stomach while pooping. During constipation, it requires a great deal of effort to get the bowel movement with ease. Thus, baby cries as the intensity of pain is usually higher. One should give proper liquid or fluid to the baby to ensure proper bowel movement.

Gas in the stomach: Newborn babies too suffer from the problem of gastric pain. This gas problem can occur if the baby swallows extra gas through bottle feed. It can also be because of the gastrointestinal pain in the stomach. Thus, burping after feeding is important for the baby. (Also read: Why does the baby wake up in the middle of sleep at night)

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