Baby care tips: Why do babies rub their eyes

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Reasons why baby rub their eyes

Interesting facts as to why baby rub their eyes

When the baby rubs his eyes, then the parents find them appearing very dear and adorable. When babies rub their eyes frequently their nose and face becomes red. If this happens every time it can be a cause of the trouble. There are some reasons for this. When childern are frequently rubbing their eyes they are giving you some signals. Nails on the eyes can cause rashes and scratches. Therefore children should keep their hands away from the eyes. So that they would not have any kind of injury. You can understand their hints if you pay attention when they rub their eyes.

Reasons why baby rub their eyes

  • Fatigue
  • Dry eyes
  • Curiosity and happiness
  • Something in the baby’s eye

If your baby is rubbing the eyes and yawing, then he is sleepy or he is tired. So when the baby is rubbing his eyes he is feeling the need to sleep. So it is better to put him or a nap.

Dry eyes
When the eyes become too dry, the baby rubs them. Tear film protects the eyes, but it becomes dry if for long period it is exposed to air. Rubbing the eyes causes tears to get energized so that the eyes get moisturized again.

Curiosity and happiness

Baby rubbing eye reasons
Baby care: Baby rubs his eye out of happiness as well

Apart from sleeping or exhaustion, when the child is also very interested in his eyes. Children are very happy when they see something new so that they start to rub their eyes.

Something in the baby’s eye
The child also rubs the eye due to the burning sensation in the eyes. This is due to burning irritation caused by dust and soil in the eye. During this time, rubbing of the eyes can damage the baby’s eye.

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