Asthma in Babies: Which signs show that the baby has asthma

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what are the signs of asthma in baby

Asthma in babies: If the baby has asthma he/she will have difficulty in breathing.

Asthma in Babies: While the baby is inside the womb of the mother, the mother must be extra careful. Every action and even diet of the mother affects the baby. Babies often carry the genes along with some infections from their parents. This results in some long-time serious disorders in the babies. Thus, a mother must always be careful about what she eats and does. Asthma is a very common allergy that occurs due to transmission of infection and also because of various other factors. The inflamed bronchial tubes lead to breathing issues. Excess dust and pollution are the leading factors besides the genes. Here are some signs which suggest that the baby has asthma. (Also read: How to Treat Breathing Problems in Babies)

Asthma in babies: What are the clear signs which show that the baby has asthma?

  • Breathing issues
  • Wheezing
  • Too much cough
  • Inability to eat

Breathing issues
Sometimes you will notice that your baby is finding it difficult to breathe. Even while making too many efforts, he/she is not able to breathe properly and is moving the stomach too much. This is an early indicator of asthma in the baby.


which signs show that the baby has asthma
Asthma in babies: Excess wheezing shows that the baby has asthma.

When the baby makes a lot of noise while breathing is known as wheezing. You must not ignore this condition and should visit the doctor soon.

Too much cough
Excessive and frequent coughing are the clear indicators of asthma in the baby. It indicates that there is something which is blocking the airways of the baby and causing inflammation. As a result, the baby is unable to breathe properly.

Inability to eat
At times, the baby is unable to eat properly due to asthma. In fact, the baby finds it difficult to suck the breastmilk. This is due to the inadequate supply of oxygen to the baby. If this is happening frequently, you must visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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These are some clear indicators which show that the baby has asthma. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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