Are Organic Foods Better For The Babies

Are Organic Foods Better For The Babies

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There are a lot of misconceptions and discussions regarding organic foods. This triggers confusion and this confusion begins especially when it comes to feeding babies. Many of the parents have this question on their mind that organic foods are good for their babies or not. Always remember that organic means it is not necessarily better for your baby than intensively farmed foods. The most important thing is to provide the proper nutrition and minerals to the baby. (Also Read: Tips To Provide Proper Nutrition To Your Newborn And Toddler)

Some parents prefer to provide the organic grains, fruit juices, veggies to the babies. They do it because of the reduced amount of pesticide levels in these foods. In India, the level of pesticide residues is not restricted. Sometimes, harvesters do use the ban pesticides to grow more areas of harvesting. Moreover, the bitter truth is while harvesting average fruits and veggies in many places grow by the ground water. But this ground water is rotten and full of pesticides.

However, when it comes to organic farming, farmers do use pesticides. But they use it in a very limited amount. That is why people like to eat organic foods only as there is no guarantee that what are the types of pesticides are used to grow the basic farming. But the strange part is you can not even blindly let your baby eat the organic foods as pesticides are used to farm these foods. Although, there would be very less chance to harm the baby than other farming foods. (Also Read: How To Protect Your Newborn From Cold And Flu)

Are Organic Foods Better For The Babies

So, when you will be buying organic foods for your little one or even for your entire family, always check the labels in it. If a food product meets the standards of NPOP, then only it is originally organic. NPOP stands for National Programme on Organic Production. Do not create confusion with other misleading food products which claim to be organic but are actually a fraud. Also, read the descriptions of the food products like, ‘natural’, ‘environmentally friendly’, etc.

If you do not get an organic shop near your house, you can order these foods online too. The organic food market is growing rapidly in India. But do order the foods from an authentic online website only. You can even try organic milk for your baby after 6-10 months. But do not try to feed anything to your little one before that, even if it is organic. (Also Read: Tips To Take Care Of A Premature Baby Or A Preemie)

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