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Benefits of cucumber for babies.

How cucumber is beneficial for the baby’s health

The cucumber is beneficial for your baby in a number of ways. It is packed with minerals like carbohydrate, proteins, riboflavin, thymine, vitamins, folate, which nourish the 5-6-month-old baby. Apart from this, if you feed cucumber to babies in summer, they will feel refreshing.

How to ease baby's pain

How to ease your baby’s pain after vaccination

The pain caused by vaccination is unbearable because your baby’s skin is soft and sensitive. If your baby feels more discomfort after vaccination, then you need to contact the doctor so that he can give some medication to recover them quickly. Moreover, there are some tips which provide a sigh of relief to your baby.

How to raise a happy child

How to raise a happy child

When your child is growing up you not only want him or her to be happy, you also want the child to be happy. Then you must keep certain things in mind to raise a happy child.

How To Treat Oral Thrush In Babies At Home

How To Treat Oral Thrush In Babies At Home

A newborn baby needs special oral care. Otherwise, a white patch which occurs through candida fungus starts building up. There are a lot of home remedies you can try which will help you to clean the oral thrush in your baby.

how garlic is benefit for babys health

How garlic is beneficial for baby’s health

If you add garlic to your baby’s meal it may improve their immune system. Garlic contains an element called Allicin which helps in protecting the infant from infection and also provides relief from many health problems.