Why She Does Not Want To Get Pregnant Now

Why She Does Not Want To Get Pregnant Now

Getting pregnant is a wonderful feeling, after all, your lady is going to enter the motherhood. However, there are some perplexed thoughts which wander in her mind. Getting pregnant brings with it a huge set of responsibilities and being a free bird she may show some resistance towards it. By not agreeing for pregnancy it does not mean that she is selfish but she needs more time to make her mind prepared for the new life. Apart from this, there are other major reasons and continuous thought of giving birth to a child. Therefore, find the reasons below for why she does not want to get pregnant right now. [Also Read: Why Some Women Take A Longer Time To Get Pregnant]

The Sole One To Manage Everything:

She may also have conflicting thoughts of being alone. Being a husband you must make her understand that you will be with her in all phases. Her trauma of micromanaging everything after the child may make her feel worse.


By giving birth to the child, she may feel getting restricted. Her parties, hangouts with friends, her freedom will be hindered. Although, she wants to be a great mother she cannot meet the different ends as of now. [Also Read: How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant]

Sleepless Nights:

Maybe she is under dilemma that she has to sacrifice her sleep solely to take care of the child. She might be thinking that her personal space will lead to nowhere and she just has to follow the set route.

Her Career Path:

Being a career oriented girl, she might feel that her professional life will come at stake when she will be the mother. After delivery, her first priority will be her child and maybe that causes her to leave her job and sit back at home.

Her Body Changes:

The perfect figure which she has now will definitely deform once she gets pregnant and after the delivery too. Hence, she may be worried about not looking so pretty later and may be losing the interest of her husband.

These are all perplexed thoughts which flicker in her mind. These are not the root causes but yes the major ones which are hindering her to go through pregnancy. [Also Read: Tips that will help you to conceive quickly and easily]

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