What should be the ideal gap between the two kids

What should be the ideal gap between the two kids

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Couples usually struggle while they have to plan their second baby. Usually, the couples understand the need of maintaining a good gap between the two babies, yet sometimes it is not in our control. Sometimes, if a woman is in her thirties, she has no option than to plan a second baby at the earliest to avoid any complications in her pregnancy. It is true that with growing age, the fertility also diminishes. But we should not ignore the fact that a woman’s body needs proper recovery from first pregnancy while she could think of another one. It is a stressful task and involves too much labour. (Also read: How to conceive safely after 35)

How much gap is ideal between two pregnancies?
On an average, at least 18 to 24 months gap between first and second pregnancy should be there. It is not just physically good for the mother but also emotionally. Pregnancy does not only involve physical stress but also emotional stress as well. A woman’s body undergoes a lot many changes which affect her a lot. Some women have an iron deficiency in their body, they should aim at planning a second baby after a full recovery from the first one.

An immediate pregnancy after the first baby might make the second baby week. It may also result in premature birth of the baby. Babies those who have a minimum difference of 18 – 24 months in their age gap are more healthy and fit as compared to ones who have less age difference. (Also read: Tips To Conceive After A Miscarriage)

What are the benefits of having a good gap between two pregnancies?
Having a good age gap between the two kids is good. It helps your body to recover completely and come back to normalcy. It will help you to regain your lost energy after the first pregnancy. If you have a considerable age gap between two kids, you can devote ample of time to both of them individually.

These risks were still evident for babies conceived within seven to 17 months of the previous birth, albeit to a lesser extent than those conceived within six months. If you aim for an 18-24 month gap between pregnancies you’ll have time to recover your energies and replenish your body’s resources. Besides this, you can also focus on your career and work for your own growth. Taking care of two babies simultaneously becomes a task in itself. Besides this, you can’t take out time for yourself and get too busy in taking care of the kids only. (Also read: Why She Does Not Want To Get Pregnant Now)

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