What Are The Things You Should Do After Getting A Positive Pregnancy Result

What Are The Things You Should Do After A positive Result

Congratulation mom-to-be as you have got a positive pregnancy result. You are at the beginning of your 9 months pregnancy period. This excitement is something unexplainable. All the attention of your family, friends and especially your partner would make you feel you are on the cloud 9. But besides all these, the most important part is taking a good care of yourself. The most crucial time for a woman is her pregnancy. So, a lot of important things you need to take up right after getting a positive response from the pregnancy test. Hence, we are here to jot down the important things you should do. Hope this helps you. Here we go: (Also Read: What Are The Steps To Get Pregnant Fast)

1. If you are doing a home pregnancy test, you need to visit a doctor as well to confirm your pregnancy again. Do not rely on home pregnancy tests 100 percent. Though they claim almost 90 percent surety but make sure you are visiting your doctor to get the exact result.

2. After getting confirmed pregnancy tests report, inform this to your partner, family and friends. Meet your delivery doctor whom most of your acquaintance suggest. Your delivery doctor is the one who would maintain all your diet, medicines and your lifestyle mapping.

3. At the beginning days of your pregnancy, you have to decide your regular lifestyle habits. Till the time your baby bump is not coming up, you should practise your yoga and work out habits, so that the warm-up session does not hurt your muscles.

4. Quite all your toxin habits. You should minimise drinking, smoking and eat junk foods. These habits during pregnancy lend to delivery complications like low birth weight, premature births, mental and physical deformity in the baby and other problems.

5. Manage your days and take out some obvious time for your rest. You can not work like previously. If you are a working mom-to-be then you need to prioritise your care session and work life. (Also Read: What Leads To Surprise Pregnancy Even After Proper Protection)

6. Do not take much stress and tensions from your professional life. You have to understand your current physical condition too. Moreover, you have to decide till when you try to continue your office days. Mail your organisation and let them know about your maternity leaves.

7. Start healthy dieting. Your nutritionist would let you know about your regular diet. If you feel like you can purchase organic food and veggies. If you are a non-vegetarian then do not forget to include chicken, fish and eggs on your diet list.

8. Make a maternity calendar for yourself. Always notify your next check-up dates to that calendar and set an alarm to the timings when you need to consume medicines.

9. Prepare your maternity belongings. You have to buy some maternity clothes for yourself. Buy them at the prior stage because you may not feel like to go out during your baby bump days. Moreover, you have to take out all your bellies and sneakers as you should stop wearing heels now. This would not be good for your health.

10. Last but not the list, you can not forget to maintain all your good habits and religiously abbey your doctor because your health is better known by your doctor. Wish you a very happy and healthy pregnancy. (Also Read: Tips To Conceive After A Miscarriage)

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