What Are The Important Tips To Get Pregnant During Ovulation

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Important Tips To Get Pregnant During Ovulation

Getting pregnant brings with it the awesome feeling. There is no better feeling than that of experiencing the movement of a life inside you. You start dreaming of a baby once you have set your mind for family planning. There may be many times when you tried to conceive but the result went negative. Or, you went under the misconception of getting pregnant when you were actually not. You must know that ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. Ovulation is the phase or period before the menstrual cycle when the eggs are released from the ovaries. In women, who have 28 days of menstrual cycle, the 12th to 21st day before menstruation are the most fertile days. At this time, the lady can conceive quickly. Moreover, please find below some important tips to get pregnant during ovulation! [Also Read: Major Things You Must Avoid Before Conceiving]

Stay Aware Of Your Ovulation Cycle:

To conceive quickly, you must be aware of your ovulation cycle. As the menstrual cycle varies from women to women, same goes with the ovulation cycle. As mentioned above, you must calculate your ovulation cycle or get the ovulation kit or you can calculate the same online. Hence, mark the days when you will ovulate.

Make Love When The Time Is Right:

Making love while you are ovulating is the best time to get pregnant. However, not all days are most fertile. Please note that the sperm in the female body remains active for 3 days and the eggs survive for 24 hours. Hence, making love 3 days before ovulation can increase your chances to conceive immediately. [Also Read: What Are The Steps To Get Pregnant Fast]

Important Tips To Get Pregnant During Ovulation

Know The Changes In Your Vaginal Mucus:

You must observe the changes in your vaginal mucus. When you release a slick, clear and white mucus just like an egg white, it is the best time to get into intimacy and wait for the positive result.

Don’t Stress:

To conceive easily during the ovulation phase, remember that you should not be under stress. A stress can disrupt your hormones and make huge changes in your body affecting the menstrual and ovulation cycle.

Quit Bad Habits:

If you have the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol, it is better to quit the same 3-4 months before planning to get pregnant. Smoking and alcohol hinder your fertility and their effects remain in the body for months. Thus, quitting these two will be beneficial for you once you try to conceive. [Also Read: What are the lifestyle changes that can help you to conceive safely]

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