Some Common Mistakes You Might Be Making During Pregnancy

Some Common Mistakes You Might Be Making During Pregnancy

Instead of taking precautionary measures during pregnancy you tend to commit some common mistakes. Sometimes the most important things are overlooked. Pregnancy calls for several adjustments and making healthy changes in the body to ensure the optimal development of your unborn baby.

We have mentioned below a list of common mistakes that you might be making during pregnancy without even realising yourself.

We hear a lot of expectant mothers say “I’m eating for two”; but this is one of the most common mistakes that needs to be avoided. Hence, correct nutrition is what you need to focus on. At this time focus on the quality and not the quantity of food being consumed.

As a rule, you only need to consume about 300 calories extra than your usual calorie intake every day. This will help avoid piling on excess weight. Thus, it will also eliminate the chances of any kind of health problems while you’re pregnant.

Over-the-counter medication can have an adverse effect on the baby’s health which is why most doctors offer alternatives. However, there are a few women who self-medicate and this may be just as detrimental. Avoid taking any medication, even the ones prescribed to you, unless you have consulted with your doctor for the same.

Not getting enough sleep
Most expectant mothers work until the last trimester of their pregnancy. But sleep tends to suffer in the process as they’re trying hard to strike a work-life balance. It is important to note that there are hormonal changes happening inside your body every day. To adapt these changes, getting adequate rest is essential.

Not bonding with the baby
Researches suggest that babies understand what you’re saying, at least during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. During this time, they begin to absorb the language. In fact, newborns can even tell the difference between the mother’s native language and foreign languages immediately after birth. The developing baby understands what the mother speaks because her voice is amplified inside the body. So talk to your baby bump in a calm, relaxing manner as much as you can. This will not only strengthen the bond, make the baby feel safe but also enhance its language development.

Slacking off on physical activity
Resting enough is important, but a moderate level of exercise is also necessary. It will help with blood circulation, combat stress and help manage the weight better. Moreover, it even aids with your baby’s growth and development.

Cutting out comfort foods
For most of us, comfort foods mean something sweet or calorie-heavy. While you may have to cut down on your sweet or calorie intake during pregnancy, giving up on them up is no good either. Hence, do not stress about your diet, few spoonful of ice-cream are perfectly fine once in a while.

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