Ready for pregnancy: Signs that your body is ready for pregnancy

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Signs that your body is ready for pregnancy

Signals that tell that your body is ready for pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important part of a woman’s life. Most of the woman wants a child so that their family can grow. But today all women first prefer to focus on their career, but at the same time, you need to listen to your body as well. There is a time in life in which you are ready for pregnancy, which is indicated by your own body, that is the time of ovulation. During ovulation, when the egg is released from the ovary and if it gets in contact with the sperm then it leads to pregnancy. If you are thinking of conceiving then you should be aware of the timing of your ovulation. With the help of some signals, it is possible to know whether your body is ready for pregnancy or not. (Also read: How to get pregnant faster: Best Tips that will help you to get pregnant easily)

Signs that your body is ready to conceive

  • Body’s temperature
  • Sensitive Breast
  • Change in cervix position
  • Cramps
  • Spotting

Body’s temperature
To know about Fertile Periods, it is important to focus on body’s temperature. Because the temperature of the body decreases a few days before the ovulation. At the same time after the ovulation, the body temperature increases and then becomes normal. (Also read: How to conceive safely after 35)

Sensitive Breast

Signs that your body is ready to conceive
Signs that your body is ready to get pregnant: You have sensitive breasts

Sensitive breasts are a sign that your periods are going to come. But this happens even when you are ovulating. You often ignore breast sensitivity. Due to the elevation of progesterone levels in the body, breasts become sensitive and you might notice some swelling too.  (Also read: Tips To Conceive After A Miscarriage)

Change in cervix position
You can not check the position of the cervix in normal circumstances. But during the ovulation of menstruation, there is a slight change in its position. It also becomes very soft.  (Also read: Is It Necessary To Change The Diet Before Conceiving A Baby)


Signs that your body is ready to pregnant
Signs that your body is ready to pregnant: You face cramps

During the ovulation, the cramps are felt. But this is much less than the cramps that occur during periods. With this pain, you can understand that it is a sign of ovulation.

Many women bleed during ovulation. This is called mid-cyclical spots. This bleeding due to changes in hormones. This also happens due to pregnancy. If you are getting spots, then test your pregnancy after a few days.

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So, keep an eye on these signs when you are planning a pregnancy. Click the link to read this article in Hindi.

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