Major Things You Must Avoid Before Conceiving

Major Things You Must Avoid Before Conceiving

Entering into the motherhood is the most precious and blessed feeling. However, it does not come easily. Getting pregnant involves various do’s and don’ts hence, if you do not follow the same, you may hinder yourself to get pregnant. First of all, you have to be extremely prepared to take this big step. Next, you ought to eliminate the habits which are harmful to you as well as your child. There may be many failed attempts in your pregnancy and your activities may be the cause of it. Thus, understand and follow the major things you must avoid before conceiving. [Also Read: What Are The Steps To Get Pregnant Fast]

Do Not Stress:

Stressing way too much will not let you conceive. It is observed that the couples who are calm and happy tend to conceive more quickly than the ones who always have some conflicting thoughts in mind. Thus, if you want to get pregnant, do not stress at all and be happy.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is the foremost thing which you must quit in order to conceive. Smoking can increase your chances of infertility or miscarriage. Therefore, before you plan to conceive remember, that you should have quit smoking three to four months prior to it. The effects of smoking remain in the body for this stipulated time. [Also Read: What are the lifestyle changes that can help you to conceive safely]

Say No To Alcohol:

Drinking alcohol is also injurious to health. You cannot quantify the same hence, a big NO to alcohol is mandatory. Alcohol increases the chances of birth defects and even miscarriage. So, why to take such risks?

Avoid Eating Trans Fat:

Eating junk food especially the ones with trans fat is bad for health. Foods with a high level of mercury should also not be consumed because it restricts the flow of various nutrients to the reproductive system.

Apart from all these, drinking caffeinated products like coffee should also be avoided as it is also linked with causing fertility problems. [Also Read: Foods Which Have Contraceptive Properties]

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