What are the lifestyle changes that can help you to conceive safely

What are the lifestyle changes that can help you to conceive safely

Planning a baby is one of the most crucial decisions of life. You have to be sure of your decision and work towards making your pregnancy healthy. But before you plan to conceive, you must make certain changes in your unhealthy lifestyle. Adopting a good and healthy lifestyle is one of the basic necessity if you want to conceive without any complications. You should undertake healthy practices in order to have a safe and sound environment for your baby. If you are into healthy activities yourself, you won’t face any complications while you carry your little one and also afterwards. Your baby will be blessed with great health and physical fitness as well. (Also read: Why Some Women Take A Longer Time To Get Pregnant)

Here are some of the healthy lifestyles choices you should make if you are planning a baby:

Take a well-nourished diet: It is best to take a well-nourished diet if you are planning a pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body needs extra nutrition. The eating habits of a mother affect the baby in a great manner. The only food the baby consumes is the food that mother eats. Thus, it should be full of nutrition and minerals. Besides this, if you will eat good, your body will support pregnancy in a better way.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption: If you are a chain smoker or a heavy drunkard, it’s time for you to quit smoking as soon as possible. It is not at all healthy for the baby. In fact, smoking can reduce your fertility and may lead to miscarriage as well. Same goes with alcohol, try to give up these bad practices if you want to get pregnant. (Also read: Fertility problem: Things you should know before consulting a fertility doctor)

Try to maintain a healthy weight: According to your age and height, you should aim at reaching the ideal weight for your body. Being overweight or underweight will create obstructions in your healthy pregnancy. Women who are obese find their pregnancy really complicated. Not just this, being underweight also make it difficult for you to carry the baby for nine months.

Stop taking contraception pills: This is obvious that while you plan to conceive, you will give up contraception pills. But still, your body needs time to get back to the real and normal self. There are multiple changes in the hormones that take place while you are on contraceptive pills. Thus, give some time to your body to relax and prepare itself for pregnancy.

Involve in physical activities: Physical activities not just help you to stay fit but also keeps you free from stress. While you work out you release the stress from your body. Physical exercise keeps your mood lighter and fresh. You can take up any physical workout like swimming, yoga, gym, jogging, cycling etc. It will ensure healthy and safe pregnancy, as your body will remain in motion. (Also read: Tips that will help you to conceive quickly and easily)

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