Is It Necessary To Change The Diet Before Conceiving A Baby

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Is This Necessary To Change The Diet Before Conceiving A Baby


Planning to conceive a baby? Then may be this is the right time to improve your diet and lifestyle. As a mom-to-be, you should have very rich and nourishing diet each and every day. Your rich diet would help your baby to grow faster as well as it would improve your body strength. So, if you are still into too much of junk and oily food, then it is the right time to think about your baby and your future too. (Also Read: How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant)

Basic tips for preparing a good diet:
Suddenly, it would be difficult for you to start a nutritious diet to conceive. You have to habituate your body with the new changes first. That is why these tips will help you to treat your body accordingly with the diet. Let’s have a look.

1. Do not eat anything which is less nutritious. These foods only fill your belly and but do not provide a goodness to the body. This moreover, adds junks and other unwanted staffs to your body fat.

2. Maintain your regular dieting meals. If your dietitian asks you to skip the snacks, you should do it. May be your body does not need the evening snacks. But, you should not skip the meals as these are the only source for all the nutritions.

3. Do not forget to eat a plenty of water and starchy foods. These starchy foods include rice, potato, bread and pasta etc. Try to incorporate a good amount of portion with each meal.

4. There should be at least five types of protein sources in a day by having fruit and vegetables.

5, Obviously include some low-fat dairy foods to the diet. These will be milk, cheese, yoghurt which contain calcium. (Also Read: Fertility problem: Things you should know before consulting a fertility doctor)

What to avoid to prepare your body to conceive:
Apart from having a good diet, you should have to change few things from your lifestyle too. Because having a good diet would not be helpful for you if you have not left all the bad habits. So, there are few guidelines you should follow to have a good diet and body before conceiving.

1. First of all give up smoking and drinking. Smoking hits your lungs very badly. If your respiratory system is in danger, your baby would suffer the most inside your womb. There would be a chance that your baby stops breathing suddenly in between your 9 months phase.

2. Junk food and super oily foods actually damage your liver and stomach. If your liver is already damaged, then there is no point of maintaining a good diet.

3. Consuming too much of caffeine, tea is not at all good for your health. Caffeine snatches your mental health. You will be stressed out and there would be insomnia in your life. (Also Read: Can women get pregnant during periods?)

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