How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

How Long Does It Take To Get Pregnant

Generally, a fertile couple has higher chance to get pregnant within a year. Some couples have higher chance to get pregnant in a month and some take a bit more time. Other couples have lower monthly fertility which means that their power of fertility is lower than the average scale. They seemed to take a longer time to get pregnant. However, taking more than a year and less than two years is normal for some couples. It does not necessarily mean that their fertility is low. Many times it happens that when a couple could not get pregnant within a year they immediately conceive in the following year.

Why does it take a longer time to get pregnant?

There are lots of factors that can affect your chances of getting pregnant, such as:

1.If you have reproductive problems like pelvic inflammatory disease.
2.If your age is above 35. Same goes with your partner.
3.Your lifestyle and your job. Same goes with your partner.
4.If you are underweight or overweight.
5.Any chronic illnesses.
5.How often you do intercourse.

If your age is 35 years or above, and you are trying to conceive for almost a year then you should see your gynaecologist. It would be helpful for you to get a proper guidance and treatment.

How to improve the chances of getting pregnant:
So, if you are trying to conceive faster, make sure you both try the process perfectly. Unprotected intercourse regularly is the key to do it. Along with this, keep some precautions to improve the fertility. These are:

When you do regular unprotected sex, it helps when exactly you are ovulating to have sex. So, with the regular intercourse the chances of getting pregnant increases. This is the truth. Even conceiving chances are much high on the days in your menstrual cycle because you are most fertile that time.

However, your gynaecologist would advise you using a bit complicated techniques to detect ovulation and then managing timing your sex life to specific days of each cycle. It might make you more stressful because it takes noting down the timings and then prepares to intercourse. Moreover, your chances of getting pregnant naturally would not become higher than if you had sex in every two or three days.

Sometimes your work or lifestyle and habits can make regular sex a bit tricky. You could try some simpler techniques that would not take over your life. For example, you can go for ovulation predictor kits. Else look forward to some obvious signs that you are fertile, such as the increasing level of cervical mucus. So, You can try to ensure that you have sex at least once or twice when you are highly fertile.

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