How Changing Diet In Endometriosis Can Help You To Get Pregnant

How Changing Diet In Endometriosis Can Help You To Get Pregnant

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Endometriosis is a tissue disorder wherein, the tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrium) grows outside the uterus causing hindrance in women to get pregnant. It is a painful condition where clumps of the tissue may also grow in the ovaries, in the outer wall of the uterus or other organs in the belly. Endometriosis severely affects woman’s fertility. However, apart from the prescribed medications, changes in the diet can also help you to overcome the problem of endometriosis and conceive. Therefore, find below the diet list you need to opt if you are suffering from endometriosis.

Avoid Fatty Foods:

Eating red meat and other animal products are not suitable if you are suffering from endometriosis. Animal products excess the estrogen level thus, avoid intake fatty foods and trans fat and keep a low amount of saturated fat in the body. Get the omega 3 fatty acid in the form of fish oil which has an anti-inflammatory impact on the body.

Eat Enough Vitamin B Foods:

The intake of Vitamin B foods is essential to reduce the estrogen level in the body. The increased estrogen causes the uterine line to thicken. Hence, reduction in the level of estrogen is important. Eating enough of Vitamin B foods like broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and turnip are beneficial.

Increase Fibre Intake:

The high fibre intake can let you get rid of excess estrogen in the body. Thus, take a minimal amount of fibre through foods oats, corn, buckwheat and millet.

Get More Iron:

Replacing the lost Iron in the body due to heavy or prolonged bleeding is necessary. Thus, increase your diet in Iron content by opting for foods like beetroot, green leafy vegetables, dried apricots, fish and eggs.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink as much water as you can to keep your body hydrated. Avoid intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol as they increase prostaglandins E2 and F2a which stimulate estrogen production.

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