Foods Which Have Contraceptive Properties

Foods Which Have Contraceptive Properties

Contraceptive foods are those foods which have the property to hinder pregnancy. These are not the regular contraceptive measures one should follow but a prevention used in case of any negligence. There are times when you are not ready for the baby and haven’t planned it. Making love without any protection can increase the chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, eating these food items can help you to not conceive a baby. Hence, read below about 5 best foods which have contraceptive properties. [Also Read: Can women get pregnant during periods]

Papaya is the most known fruit which has the property of not letting the lady get pregnant. This raw green fruit contains an enzyme called ‘papain’ which is responsible for this functionality. This natural fruit has the property to reduce the production of the female sex hormone responsible for conceiving. Hence, acting as a contraceptive food. [Also Read: How Endometriosis is a Hindrance In Getting Pregnant]

Coffee has an active compound known as caffeine which proves as a hindrance for ladies to conceive. Hence, females who do not want to conceive, coffee can act as a contraceptive method.

Parsley is a species of a flowering plant which helps in inducing menstruation or periods in females. Therefore, it is a natural contraceptive if one does not want to get pregnant. People commonly consume parsley tea to avoid pregnancy.

Dried fig:

Dried fig when consumed two to three times in a day helps in help in avoiding the pregnancy. You can consume dried figs if you do not want to conceive.

Dried Apricots:
If you had unsafe sex last night and you do not want to conceive, dried apricots can help you in dealing with the situation. However, do not eat this if your pregnancy test turns out to be positive.

Wild carrot seeds also known as Queen Anne’s Lace is a helpful birth control method. To opt for this method you just need to chew the seeds directly.

Therefore, you can use the above-mentioned food products as a natural contraceptive, however, seek an expert advice because the type and hormones of different bodies vary.  [Also Read: What are the symptoms of early misarriage]

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