First time pregnant: Important tips for conceiving

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First time pregnant: Important tips for conceiving

Many women face the problem of infertility. Even though they have been trying too hard for over 6 months or a year to conceive a baby. Medications and consultation from the doctor prove futile for them. Here are some important tips for those women who are trying to conceive their first baby.

Ensuring good health:

To begin with the decision of pregnancy, you should make sure that your body is in good and healthy condition. Being healthy will help you in conceiving faster and will result in safe pregnancy.  Reduce your consumption of caffeine and give up smoking if you do so. One should also get involved in physical exercise and give up on their habit of consuming excessive alcohol. Making some little changes in the lifestyle would make a big difference, so don’t be hesitant to adapt these changes for your own good. It’s not just the female partner who should look after her health, but the males should bring these changes in her too.

Stop taking birth control pills:

First time pregnant: Important tips for conceivingOnce you decide to get pregnant, you should visit your doctor to talk about any issues you have been facing related to your pregnancy concern.

Take care of the signs of ovulation:

One should take a proper note of the time of ovulation. According to the doctors, the best time to conceive is if you have a physical intercourse a day before ovulation and a day after, along with having it before the period of ovulation. This is the best time for conception and would definitely help you in getting pregnant.

Plan your sexual practice accordingly:

It’s not just the ovulation period that helps you conceive and get pregnant. A couple should ensure healthy sex more often so that the sperm remains healthy. It is believed that a pleasurable sex helps a woman to conceive quickly.

Be patient and give some time to yourself:

Conceiving takes time depending upon various factors. You may conceive in one go or sometimes it may take more than a month to show positive signs. According to the studies done by the researchers almost around 38% of the women conceived in a first month while they were planning a baby. And some women took more than 6 months to conceive. It may take time for you to get pregnant, so don’t lose hope or get dishearten. Keep practising and have healthy sex often enough.

When to seek doctor’s help?

If you are worried about not being able to conceive for a long now, you must visit your doctor. Depending upon the age, conceiving does become difficult once you reach to the age of 35 years, so seek your doctor’s advice. Taking fertility treatment is not something to be shameful about, one should address the problem to the doctor immediately to get a fruitful solution.

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