Fertility problem: Things you should know before consulting a fertility doctor

Fertility problem - Things you should know before consulting a fertility doctor

If you are trying to conceive without using birth control pills for 12 months or more, it is the time you should go to the doctor. But you should be aware of few things before consulting the doctor. There may be some signs of pregnancy which you are unaware about. You might be experiencing some symptoms that clearly tell you that you can be pregnant, even when you are not. If you are 35 and more than that you should wait for 6 months before getting help from the fertility doctor.

Few signs of your pregnancy which would help you and your fertility specialist to understand the actual problem:

Signs of ovulation:
One of the most important signs of pregnancy that your fertility doctor will also check is your ovulation. How to check your ovulation? There is an important and inexpensive test for that. Ask your specialist to tell you how to use the BBT chart.

The testing of fertility:
The basics of infertility testing involve in both men and women. This can help both of you to understand who is at fault. Besides this, it is always important to check both because the blame game can ruin a healthy relationship.

Fertility problem - Things you should know before consulting a fertility doctor
Semen testing is the base of checking male infertility. The ejaculation would be on the observation and the sperm would be tested and counted. It is quite easy and simple test. It is the first test to check the fertility ability in men.

The basics of fertility treatment:
The basics if fertility treatment starts with a diagnosis. You can not determine anything without a diagnosis. If you do not know the cause of infertility the treatment can’t be started.

The Risk of fertility drugs:
It is important to go for fertility treatments, but there are few risk factors which come with this treatments. The risk can be something like, multiple pregnancies, which is more risky and difficult or even potential health problems for the mother or the babies.

The expenses of the infertility treatment:
The cost of infertility treatment is high. There are ways to make the cost more affordable for you. There are many such programs run by the government as well. Payment plans and scholarship programs also there which you can opt for.

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