Essential items to pack in your labour bag during your pregnancy days

Essential items to pack in your labour bag during your pregnancy days

Hello, Mom-to-be! You are not too far from your delivery date. Besides all the discomfort, check-ups and medications, you have to start the final countdown to bump into your parenthood now.

Now you should concentrate on the life you will get after the arrival of your little munchkin. But before that, do not forget about the labour part. The most important part of the labour is the hospital bag or the labour bag. Many pregnant women do not think about the bag earlier and at the time of labour, they struggle between the bag and the items.

You keep your bag ready right now to avoid skipping the necessary products. Go through this article and put a tick mark on the checked items.

A kit of necessary items:
You should keep a small kit of all your necessary items so that whenever you need any of those items, you get them easily. A toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo are extremely important, so keep it in the kit right away. If you want you can keep a pen and a pad as well for any emergency.

Comfy Clothes:
A couple of comfortable clothes are necessary for you. If your nursing centre provides you clothes during delivery, it would be great but if they do not provide clothes then it would be great if you keep 3-4 garment set for you. You have no idea how many days you have to stay at the hospital. That is why it is good to keep efficient belongings.

A Nursing Bra:
A nursing bra is very important for a new mother. You will get it from any medical shop or undergarment shop and can put it in your labour bag. Nursing bras are super comfortable and they have the best ways to prevent and treat sore nipples.

Baby clothes:
Buy a couple of zero sized clothes for your baby. But first wash them well. The clothes should not contain any types of harsh materials on it. buy simple cotton clothes. You can buy a towel with them as well. If it is winter then a super-soft woollen sweater or a small scarf would be perfect. You can buy a woollen cap as well as they look extremely cute on the babies.

Gadgets for comfort:
You should pack an I-pod or a music playing device to ease your mood and mind. Ease if you feel bored after your delivery you can watch movies on a tablet during your discharge days. Ask your partner for doing photography of your child’s first appearances. For that, you can keep a camera and a couple of batteries in your hospital bag.

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