Which exercise make children strong

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exercise make children strong

Proper food and exercise are important for the health of any human, but many of us do not know that the same applies to your little child too. The young children need to have some special exercises for an hour in the day to improves your baby’s health. If you make exercise an essential part of their upbringing, then their muscles will become strong. When your child is learning to walk, running on the knees, or trying to sit, it is necessary that his muscles are strong. (Also read: What causes acne in children and how to treat them)

Let’s know what exercises are beneficial for your baby.

Why the baby needs exercise?
Exercise promotes the health and development of the child, which is essential for the child’s health later on. In the early years of the child, the time is when its brain links to the muscles. If the child does not exercise during this time, then his brain and muscles fail to make a strong link. At the same time, as the child grows day after day, he gets the habit of exercising on the basis of his physical ability.

Tummy Time
Your baby spends the time just lying on the back. Put them on the stomach for a short time in the day. This will help to develop his neck, arms, shoulders, back and stomach muscles. For a session of three to five minutes, you place a child in the stomach. After placing the child on the stomach, you will lie on the stomach to give him company. Talk to him, sing a song, make funny faces, or even give him a toy, so that he can enjoy the time. Initially, the baby may have difficulty lying on the stomach, but after a short time practice, babies will like it. (Also read: What Are The Tips You Should Follow While Travelling With Your Baby)

With the help of sit-ups, your baby’s shoulder, core, back and arms muscles are strengthened. When you pull children during your sit-ups, your baby’s stomach muscles develop. To make sit-ups, place your child on his back and hold his hands and gently pull in his direction. Repeat this process. If your child is just too small then do not exercise these by pulling his hands. Rather support him with your hands and then pull towards you. Keep in mind that during your exercise, keep your child’s head straight. This increases the balance in the child’s body.

Bicycling gives relief in a gas problem. Not only that, but it is also a good exercise that is beneficial for your baby’s legs, waist, knees and stomach. With the help of this method, you can increase the level of flexibility and speed of your baby’s body increases. For bicycling, lay down your baby on the back and lift his legs lightly. After this, rotate his leg like a bicycle.

Weight Lifting

This creates coordination between the ability of the baby to catch, hands and eyes. It also helps to develop the muscles of his shoulder, arms, and side. When the child is in the age of 3 to 4 months, he starts lifting things. During this time you can exercise your child. Keep in the house for small things like toys, rattles, etc. to raise the child. Place your child in a bouncy seat and keep these accessories in front of him. Now encourage the infant to take these things.  (Also read: What are things to be taken care of before the child arrives at home)

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