Ear infection in Babies: How to save the baby from ear infections

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Ear infection in babies: Tips to prevent ear infection in babies

A newly born child needs special care because they are is very sensitive and a slight negligence can affect their health. The child faces many health problems. Moreover, you need to observe the problem as newly born babies cannot explain their problems. If you do not clean your baby’s ears then they can face infection. This problem becomes the cause of discomfort for them. Due to the infections in the ear, the risk of pain and inflammation increases. To provide relief to your baby from this problem, you need to follow some simple tips. (Also read: Bottle feeding problems: Why your baby does not drink milk from a bottle)

Ear infection in babies: How to prevent ear infection in babies.

  • Keep clean
  • Breastfeeding
  • Avoid daycare Center
  • Do not keep the baby in a smoking zone
  • Do not feed milk while laying the backside.
  1. Keep clean
    To keep the baby safe from infection, you must keep cleanliness because there are many germs and bacteria in the environment, which enter the ear of the infant and increase the infections. So always keep the ear clean.
  2. Breastfeeding

    Prevent ear infection by proper breastfeeding
    Ear infection in Babies: Breastfeed in a proper way to prevent ear infection.

    Breast milk is the most beneficial for infant health because it contains many nutrients that boost immunity. Breast milk contains an antibody that protects the infant from any form of infection. (Also read: Benefits of rice water: How rice water is beneficial for toddlers)

  3. Avoid daycare centre
    There are many children in the daycare centre and because of this, there is no excessive cleaning due to which there are the high amount of bacteria that enter your baby’s ear and cause infections.
  4. Do not keep the baby in a smoking zone
    Tobacco present in cigarettes paralyzes the hair, which keeps the ear tube clean. It increases the production of fluid and mucus in the ear.
  5. Do not drink milk on the backside
    Compared to breasts, the flow of milk is increased when you feed on the bottle, which increases the likelihood of the milk going into the baby’s Eustachian tube. Along with this, when you feed milk to babies while laying on the back, then milk can go to Nasal Cavity too. Because of which the baby’s ear may have an infection. To protect the child from having an infection in the ear, feed them milk while keeping them in lap.

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Due to infection in the baby’s ear, they feel pain, so follow some tips to get rid of this problem. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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