Bottle feeding problems: Why your baby does not drink milk from bottle

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Bottle Feeding Problems: Reasons why baby don't drink milk from bottle

Most doctors say that the baby should do breastfeeding in the first six months as it is beneficial for the health of the baby. Mother’s milk is nutritious, which is beneficial for the development of the baby. But instead of this, many parents feed milk to their babies with a bottle. This is done so that the child does not have any kind of problems in the future and the mother also gets some time comfort. There are many babies who do not like bottle size, plastic nipples and tastes, because of this they do not want to drink bottle milk, but there are many other reasons for this, due to which the baby does not want to drink milk for a bottle. (Also read: Baby Vomiting: Is your baby vomiting a matter of concern)

Bottle feeding problems: Why baby doesn’t want to drink milk from the bottle.

  • Not habitual of drinking milk from the bottle
  • Wrong position
  • The bad taste of formula milk
  • Cold milk
  • Illness
  1. Not habitual of drinking milk from the bottle
    Why baby don't drink milk from bottle
    Bottle Feeding Problems: Why baby do not drink milk from a bottle.

    The size of the bottle nipple is very different from the breast and it can be feel infant. Moreover, the baby does not have a habit of the plastic bottle and he does not want to drink milk from the bottle. So if your infant is not drinking milk from the bottle then try it for some time.

  2. Wrong position
    Sometimes the position of the bottle is wrong while feeding bottle, due to which the babyface difficulty in drinking milk and for this reason, he leaves the bottle. The right direction for the bottle is at 45 degrees. (Also read: Baby care tips: Why do babies rub their eyes)
  3. The bad taste of formula milk
    If your baby is using formula milk since birth then he will face not any problem. But if the baby is habitual of breastfeeding then he will feel uncomfortable while drink milk from the bottle.
  4. Cold milk
    Infants drink lukewarm drink milk and they don’t like cold milk. So always check the temperature before feeding milk to the infant. Keep in mind that the milk should not be heated in the microwave because it destroys all the nutrition of milk.
  5. Illness
    When your baby is sick or has some kind of health problem then a baby will not drink milk. If your infant is throwing a bottle while drinking milk then you should understand that he is ill.

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Babies often do not want to drink milk from the bottle and there are many reasons behind this. You must be aware of those reasons. You can also read this article in Hindi.

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