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How to deal with your child's tantrum

How to deal with your child’s tantrum

Childern think that throwing tantrum is a sure way to get anything they desire. However, it leads to indiscipline in the child. A parent must know how to deal with the child’s tantrums.

benefits feeding papaya babies

What are the benefits of feeding papaya to babies

The nutritious and healthy food is important for babies as they are very sensitive and unhealthy food may be harmful to them. There are plenty of nutritious food which you can feed to babies once they start. One of the nutritious food is papaya which provides numerous health benefits to babies. The papaya is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, a fibre that can work wonders for babies.

exercise make children strong

Which exercise make children strong

If you make exercise an essential part of children upbringing, then their muscles will become strong. When your child is learning to walk, running on the knees, or trying to sit, it is necessary that his muscles are strong.

What are the healthiest juices to drink during pregnancy

What are the healthiest juices to drink during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most crucial phases of life. A pregnant lady has to be extra careful about whatever she eats and drinks, as it directly affects the health of the baby. Moreover, during pregnancy, you need extra energy to carry the baby bump, so drinking healthy juices will definitely help you out.

what causes acne in children and how to treat them

What causes acne in children and how to treat them

Sometimes the acne appears on the skin of toddlers, especially during summer. These are of red colour and cause problems for children. These pimples cause more pain when exposed to hand or rough clothes. During this acne, you should treat children very carefully and take some precautions.

Is it safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy

Is it safe to eat tamarind during pregnancy

The craving to eat sour food during pregnancy increases with each passing day. In such situation, many pregnant women eat tamarind to settle their craving for something sour. However, we must know if tamarind is safe to eat or not.

jaggery consumption beneficial children health

Why jaggery consumption is beneficial for children’s health

The body of children quickly affected by any food so it is very important to consume fresh fruit and vegetables. The parents should be aware of the nutritional value of the food which they feed to their children. One of the nutritious foods is jaggery.

What are the benefits of eating raisins during pregnancy

What are the benefits of eating raisins during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman should take a complete well-nourished diet in order to stay healthy. Thus, consumption of raisins is extremely healthy during pregnancy. It contains necessary vitamins and minerals which nourishes the body of the pregnant lady.