What are the various health benefits of honey?

What are the various health benefits of honey

Honey, commonly known as a thick golden liquid, is a solution for many ailments. Extracted from the beehive, honey excels in nutritional value and antibacterial properties. The most amazing characteristic of honey is that it never gets rotten. Naturally extracted honey is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Let’s have a look at the uses and benefits of Honey

Eliminates Allergy: Honey is anti-inflammatory in nature thus helps in healing many seasonal skin allergies and also exempts the possibility of rashes and redness on the skin. Honey also helps in making our immune system stronger and it acts as a natural vaccine to our body.

Source of Energy Drink: Honey contains carbohydrates that directly get converted into glucose which provides energy to the body. The sugar content in honey also helps to boost energy in the body thus making the body fit and active for a longer period of time.

Weight Loss: If consumed with warm water, honey could do wonders to the body. It burns the extra fat if consumed along with lime- juice.

Helps in preventing/treating cough: Honey coats the throat with a sweetener thus reduces the coarse effect. Honey can also treat many throat infections. Most of the cough syrups we use are rich with honey.

Helps in Reduction of Dandruff: Honey has a nourishing quality that helps us to get rid of dry scalp. Honey also helps us in uprooting dandruff completely. If applied regularly on the scalp for one week it definitely shows up good results.

Skin Care: Honey helps us in attaining the most beautiful skin. It also exfoliates the skin and provides brighter skin tone. Consume honey with lukewarm water or apply on the face by mixing it with milk to get the best results and flawless skin. It moisturises the skin and improves complexion as well.

Treats Wounds and Burn Marks: Honey has the antibacterial property that heals the wound and burnt marks. It keeps the bacterial, fungal infection away. Manuka Honey is a natural healing agent and helps in the treatment of acne as well.

Honey has no side effects. However, its judicious use will only help in the healing process and will keep your body healthy and fit.

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