What Are The Herbs And Spices That Help Relieving Pain

What Are The Herbs And Spices That Help Relieving Pain

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If you are suffering from pain, you can give a second thought on adding herbs and spices to your regimen. Not always medicines can help you to get rid of the pain. Some natural home remedies are effective too. The root of many pain-causing conditions is inflammation. Inflammation can become chronic because of the factors like poor diet plan, stress, lack of exercise, and exposure to environmental toxins.

If you have arthritis, neck and back pain, or tendonitis; you can surely add certain herbs to your health routine. However, these herbs are not quick in action as standard pain medications. But few herbs are really good in treating your pain for a long time.

Hence, here is the list of herbs and spices which often used for natural pain relief:

The super efficient Turmeric:

What Are The Herbs And Spices Help Relieving Pain

Turmeric is very helpful in relieving arthritis pain. Also, it reduces inflammation quite well. It is still not clear that how turmeric works against pain or inflammation, but it is assumed that curcumin (present in turmeric) is the anti-inflammatory property which relieves pain. It is safe to use. All you have to do is make a paste of turmeric herb in a bowl and mix it well with slightly warm mustard oil. Then, apply the paste on your painful area and massage it gently for 5-7 minutes.

The master of herbs Ginger:

Have you ever realise the why drinking ginger tea relieve your headache? Not only headache, ginger is amazing to give relief in any type of pain. Research says that ginger may calm arthritis pain too by lowering your prostaglandin levels. It can reduce the inflammation more effectively. Hence, doctors call ginger as natural aspirin.

The super hot cayenne:

What Are The Herbs And Spices Help Relieving Pain

This hot spice contains capsaicin, a natural pain reliever and weight loss aid. The capsaicin in cayenne reduces the amount of substance P, which is a chemical that carries pain messages to the brain. It is widely used in topical pain-relieving creams and patches.

Beautiful chamomile:

Chamomile is a great sleep aid. But apart from this, it contains terpenoids and flavonoids which contribute to its medicinal properties. It is great to ease fever, muscle spasms, inflammation, menstrual disorders, rashes, skin infections, wounds, ulcers, rheumatic pain, and haemorrhoids etc. You can make a tea with the petal extracts of chamomile.

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