What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

Nowadays many of us do not prefer to drink dairy milk because of enormous reasons. Some have allergies from the potential adverse effects of milk consumption and lactose intolerance etc. Other than that, some of us avoid drinking dairy milk due to due to the ethical concerns over the use of animals. Moreover, vegan people are anyway not able to drink dairy milk. That is why we have come up with some interesting options for you if you are searching alternatives of dairy milk. This will help you to choose alternatives with same and even more nutrient containing milk. Here we go:
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Soy Milk:

What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

Soy milk is a very common and popular alternative to dairy milk. It is the extraction of soybeans. The sweetness in Soy milk can be regulated. Sweetened, unsweetened and flavoured varieties make Soy milk a very healthy and nourished alternative to dairy milk. You can choose to drink this anytime. It is naturally similar to cow milk because it is filled with calcium, vitamins A and D. It is good for them who are suffering from diabetes and arthritis.

Almond Milk:

What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

Almond milk is enriched with lots of vitamin E. The ground almonds and can make water makes a thick and creamy milk which gives you super benefits. Because of a vitamin, E Almond milk has about 50 percent of the daily value in one cup. Moreover, The Weight watchers like the fact that almond milk has 1/3 of the calories of 2 percent cow’s milk. This is the best part. (Also Read: Health benefits of drinking buttermilk daily)

Rice Milk:

What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

Rice milk comes from boiled milk. It can be brown rice syrup or brown rice starch. People love this dairy alternative. It has immense help benefits too. Many of the patients are prescribes to consume rice water if they lack in carb and vitamin. It is the most hypoallergenic of all the milk alternatives. No soy, gluten and nuts; which makes it allergy-free and safe to drink at any health conditions.

Coconut Milk:

What Are The Alternatives To Drinking Dairy Milk

It is a very close alternative to cow milk. Many of us love to drink coconut milk. However, it is high in fat but its health benefits are at the peak of all. It is completely soy and gluten free. People who have multiple food allergies can easily tolerate this substance. Moreover, it is high in potassium in per cup than dairy milk. (Also Read: Amazing Natural Drinks For Better Sleep)

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