Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency And Best Foods To Overcome Them

Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency And Best Foods To Overcome Them

Iron is an important mineral found in our body. This mineral is important in carrying oxygen to the Red Blood Cells (RBCs). Iron also creates energy from other essential nutrients. Moreover, Iron is responsible for maintaining the haemoglobin level, muscle functioning, brain functioning and immune system. Further, the body which is rich in Iron content helps in fighting against insomnia, anaemia, less energy and chronic fatigue.

Thus, to maintain the healthy functioning of the body, Iron content in the body should not go below the reference range. Therefore, find out here some major symptoms which you can observe if your body is a deficit in iron content:

1. Fatigue
2. Sore tongue
3. Dizziness
4. Lethargic body
5. Dyspnea (shortness of breath)
6. Insomnia
7. Pale, thin or brittle nails
8. Pica (urge to eat inedible items)

If you are suffering from these symptoms, then there are chances that you have severe iron deficiency. Hence, taking the supplements is not the only solution. There are many natural ways which can increase the iron level in the body.

Egg yolk:
Eating egg yolk is highly beneficial if you want to raise the iron level in your body. Though the whole egg is rich in the iron, a majority of iron proportion is found in egg yolk, making it preferable to eat.

Spinach is a superfood which is highly rich in minerals and other nutrients. Being a good source of iron, cooked spinach when consumed regularly can help you overcome the iron deficiency in the body.

Potato is the most common Indian vegetable which the majority of citizens like. Moreover, potatoes are highly rich in iron which boosts the iron level in the body healing many health related problems.

Broccoli is a superfood which has immense nutritional value. It is tremendously rich in iron which can also control the problem of anaemia. Hence, eating broccoli is extremely advisable if your body is low in iron content.

Eating raw strawberry or drinking its juice, both are beneficial if you want to increase the mineral iron in your body. Therefore, being rich in iron, intake of strawberries is recommended to those who are a deficit in iron content.

Hence, if you want to increase the iron level in your body, opt these foods in your routine.

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