Why Indian Moringa Is Greater Than Any Other Superfoods

Why Indian Moringa Is Greater Than Any Other Superfoods

People in India have a settled mindset regarding the superfoods. They think that all the superfoods should be foreign-based. We hardly know the name of the superfoods which grow in foreign and in India, we found them as organic foods. But let us tell you clearly that, in India also there are many superfoods which even work better than foreign foods. Indian Moringa is one of them. Indian superfoods also consist of Vitamin A, B, minerals, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, zinc and protein, etc. Drumsticks are often known as Moringa. This amazingly nutritious plant has various health benefits. You can even consider this easily available food, Moringa as ‘The Jack Of All Trades’. Want to know how? Have a look at its health benefits. (Also Read: Which Superfoods Can Boost Our Immunity)

An amazing source of antioxidants:
When it comes to antioxidants, there is no comparison of Indian Moringa with any other superfoods. Antioxidants are something which acts like free radicals in our body. Moringa has Quercetin, a premium type of antioxidant, which lowers our blood pressure actively. Not only this, it has Chlorogenic acid too, which is found in high amounts in coffee and chlorogenic acid. If you are consuming almost 7 grams of Moringa powder every day, it would help in increasing blood antioxidant levels.

Reduces inflammation:
When we get inflammation, our body loses the natural response to infection or injury. There are many superfoods which help in reducing the inflammation from the skin and even from the inner system of our body. Likewise, moringa has amazing capacity to reduce it. Moringa leaves, pods and seeds everything contains a huge amount of nutritious components which helps in reducing infections. (Also Read: Which Superfoods You Should Not Forget To Eat Everyday)

Why Indian Moringa Is Greater Than Any Other Superfoods

It lowers the Cholesterol:
If you have a huge amount of cholesterol in your body. You will be at the higher risk of getting a cardiac attack. Like flaxseeds, oats and almonds, Indian moringa works amazingly in our body to lowering the level of cholesterol. It helps in reducing both sugar and the lipid levels in the body. Hence, it is great for the heart because by aiding blood lipid control, it helps to prevent plaque formation in the arteries and cuts cholesterol levels.

Lowers the blood sugar:
If you are having a high blood sugar it will trigger many other health problems too in your body. It is the main characteristic of developing diabetes. Many well-renowned studies have proved that Indian Moringa works amazingly well when it comes to lowering the blood sugar levels from the body. If anyone can consume 50 grams of Moringa powder in a single day, it would lower the level of blood sugar almost near rise in blood sugar by 21%. (Also Read: What Are The Best Superfoods You Can Include In Your Breakfast)

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