Which Superfoods Can Boost Our Immunity

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Which Superfoods Can Boost Our Immunity

We all eat good foods. Food which has high nutrients remain always on the top of the list of foods we have in an entire day. We maintain a chart of nutritious foods to keep yourself fit and slim. But we barely think about those foods which make our immunity stronger. By doing this, we are making our health weaker. Always remember, how slim are, it would not help you to build your immunity. Hence, let us have a look at what are the superfoods can provide us better immunity. Let us have a look: (Also Read: Which Superfoods You Should Not Forget To Eat Everyday)

Yoghurts are amazing in boosting our immunity. It has active properties which keep the gut and intestinal tract free of disease-causing germs. It is highly available in the market and not too expensive. Any yoghurt with a “Live and Active Cultures” seal is the one you should buy. This type of yoghurt contains some beneficial bugs. This eventually helps in killing the bacterias efficiently.

Oats & Barley:
Oats and Barley are the best breakfast we can ever have. If you eat these items regularly in your breakfast, you were already immune and getting many nutrients every day. These grains contain beta-glucan which is a type of fibre with antimicrobial and antioxidant. These components are the premium ones which you can get regularly. You should have these items if you are suffering from influenza, herpes and even anthrax. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Chikoo Or Sapodilla)

Garlic has the ability to keep you away from cold and cough viruses. It has allicin, which fights infection and bacteria. the garlic takers were two-thirds less likely to catch a cold. You can add garlic to your meals a bit more to get its benefits. Else you can try to have garlic slices in the morning and add some honey to it. Every day having this can make your body stay out of any types of allergies.

Chicken soup:
When the weather is changing, you can have chicken soup quite happily. It makes your body immune and makes the body stronger. The amino acid released from the chicken during cooking the soup resembles the bronchitis drug acetylcysteine. This reflects the good result. (Also Read: What Are The Best Superfoods You Can Include In Your Breakfast)

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