What Is The Truth Behind Fertility Superfoods

What Is The Truth Behind Fertility Superfoods

People nowadays are taking about infertility superfoods. Not only about fertility superfoods, but also, we have almost every type of physical ailment superfoods with us. It might sound like these types of foods can cure your health problems or they can heal the diseases.

Though, superfoods or health foods can not cure illness, infertility. So, if they can not cure the infertility problems then why do they call as superfoods? What is so super inside this? Here are the reasons and truths why calling some foods as fertility superfoods.

High in fertility Friendly Nutrient:

If a food has very high nutrients inside it then it is Superfood definitely. If a food is high in nutrients which are beneficial to improve fertility, then that food is called fertility superfood. Here are the nutrients which have good terms in increasing fertility. Here we go:

1. Folic acid and B-vitamins
6.vitamin C, E, D
7.Fatty acids like omega-3 and omega 6

Part of Fertility-Friendly Diets:
Day by day several types of research are proving that a population’s overall diet correlates with overall fertility rates. For example, people who eat Mediterranean-style diet has a tendency to conceive quickly. They are prone to have fewer problems in fertility. They eat olive oil more often to cook their food and olive oil is a superfood which improves fertility.

Boosts infertility in animals:
Pomegranate is a fertility superfood. It is proven by doing an experiment with rats. Researchers separated rats in four groups. Each group of rats got various pomegranate levels in the water solutions. The group which get a higher amount of pomegranate got vitamin C in a good amount. They also had healthier sperm, including better sperm concentrations. Does this mean that pomegranate juice will do the same for human sperm too? Nobody knows. However, a small pilot study tried to find out the answer on whether pomegranate juice could help men with erectile dysfunction. While those who drank the juice were more prone to have improvements in terms of sperm count.

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