What are the various superfoods one must eat after a workout

What are the various superfoods one must eat after a workout

When we workout, our body often shed a lot of calories and extra weight. This burns our fuel and makes our body deprived of a lot of essential nutrients. Though workout helps the body to stay strong and fit, it eventually squeezes out the energy from the body which has to be regained through the nutritious food. Besides this, after working we need to eat carbohydrate and protein in a good amount so that our muscle building workout shows better results. We need to eat some good amount of nutrients to repair muscles and make our body energetic. Besides this, our body needs healthy food to maintain the blood sugar level as well. Let’s discuss which superfoods one must eat after a workout. (Also read: What are the health benefits of tomatoes)

What are the various superfoods one must eat after a workout?

Chocolate milk: Chocolate milk contains sufficient amount of carbohydrates and proteins that help to repair the muscles. It also helps to compensate the loss of fluids from the body and provide a good amount of calcium to the body as well.

Fruits: Fruits are easy to digest and are enriched with sufficient amount of nutrients and minerals. They contain such carbohydrates which are easy to digest and contain fibre as well. It helps to improve the process of digestion. Besides this, fruits are anti-inflammatory in nature that helps to recover the muscles as well. (Also read: What are the health benefits of papaya seeds)

Eggs: We all know how beneficial eggs are for our health. However after a heavy workout session, one must eat eggs. There are a lot of ways in which, one can consume it as it is rich in proteins. It also helps to provide instant energy to the body.

Sweet potato: Sweet potatoes are enriched in carbohydrates. Thus, these are essential to be consumed after a workout session. It helps to provide sufficient amount of glycogen to the body and contains fibre to maintain good digestion as well.

Greek yoghurt: Greek yoghurt is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. One can eat flavoured yoghurt or can pair it up with fruits and nuts. It contains micro-nutrients that help to bring relief to the muscles. It proves a healthy dose of essential nutrients for the body. (Also read: Some Amazing Benefits Of Pistachios Or Pista)

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