What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Walnuts In Excess Amount

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What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Walnuts In Excess Amount

We all love walnut. It is one of the most important dry fruits which has enormous health benefits. Walnuts are even considered as superfoods too. From children to adults, this high nutrient dry fruits work equally great. But, as they say, nothing is good when it is consumed in excess. No matter how nutritious walnuts can be, it can harm your body when you consume them excessively. So, if you suddenly see some changes in your body or facing health issues, you may have to moderate the consumption of walnuts. But you have to make sure, these issues are happening because of walnuts. Hence, have a look at the side effects of eating excessive walnut. (Also Read: How To Increase Testosterone Level With Amazing Superfoods)

Walnuts most commonly show its side effects by creating allergies in the human body. Although not everyone suffers from the allergy as the immune level varies from person to person. But if you are allergic to nuts and proteins, you should not eat too much of walnuts. But, do not skip the moderate amount to consume.

Rashes And inflammation:
Walnuts can create swelling and inflammation in your feet and arms. Th high amount of walnut consumption can impure your blood and shows breakouts on your skin by creating rashes. As we have already told that people with allergic tendency should eat lesser walnuts because it can cause them rashes and swelling too.

Asthma Attack:
Are you having breathing problems? You must not consume walnuts in excess. Walnut can affect badly on your respiratory system. So, eat a moderate amount of walnuts as it can harm your respiratory system by causing an asthma attack. People who are sensitive to walnuts are more prone to asthma attacks. (Also Read: What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Excess Anjeer or Figs)

Pregnancy And Breast Feeding:
If you are nursing your little one, you should not eat excessive walnuts. Doctors usually ask new mothers to not consume walnuts as it can restrict the production of your breast milk. Other than that, it can affect your post-pregnancy body with rashes too.

Lip Infection:
Walnut has side effects on your lips. If you apply walnut to the skin on a daily basis, it can cause lip infection. Unfortunately, this infection might become cancerous. This dry fruit contains a compound cell juglone which makes your skin become dry and malignant. So, your lip cells first become malignant as it the most sensitive skin in our body. (Also Read: What Are The Superfoods That Provide You Vitamin K)

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