What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Excess Anjeer or Figs

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What Are The Side Effects Of Consuming Excess Anjeer or Figs

The Indian name of fig fruit is Anjeer. This fruit is widely enjoyed by many people in this world. Anjeer does not only taste sweet but it also has enormous health benefits. All it’s health benefits are making this fruit as a Superfood. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fibre altogether. It seems this fruit is amazing for our health. But you will be quite surprised if you get to know this fruit has side effects too. If you eat this fruit in an excess amount, it can be harmful to you in spite of being a superfood. Hence, have a look at the following regarding the side effects. (Also Read: What Are The Superfoods That Provide You Vitamin K)

Tooth decay:
Figs have a high amount of carbohydrate. This compound is nothing but the sugar present inside this. This super sweet fruit can cause tooth decay because it can create a reaction to the lactose present in your mouth. A hundred grams Anjeer contains almost 16 grams of sugar. Even dried Anjeer can also affect your teeth.

Chances of kidney stone:
Figs can cause stones in your kidney. You may not know but this fruit contains a higher amount of oxalate, which can lead to the formation of painful calcium oxalate kidney stones. This compound can be present naturally in many fruit and veggies. So, if you eat those foods quite repeatedly, it may lead you to get stones in your kidneys. (Also Read: How To Increase Testosterone Level With Amazing Superfoods)

Disturbed breathing problems:
Do you like to eat dry figs? Be aware! These dry figs can lead you to suffer from respiratory diseases. Dry figs contain high amounts of sulphites, which is a chemical used to preserve any food for a longer time. Ingesting high amounts of sulphites by consuming excessive amounts of dried figs can lead to severe respiratory distress. You may feel shortage of breath, blocked nose, and pain in respiratory tracks.

Increases blood sugar levels:
Figs can increase your blood sugar levels. You can eat it in a small amount but make sure you are not a diabetic. As we have already mentioned Anjeer has high sugar content. Hence, eating this sugar-rich fruit can lead to a sudden spike in blood glucose levels and worsen your diabetes overnight. (Also Read: What Are The Vegetarian Superfoods For Protein)

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