What Are The Major Health Benefits Of Lentils

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What Are The Major Health Benefits Of Lentil

Lentil is an edible pulse from the legume family. The lentil is cooked in almost every Indian family for its taste and nutritional value. The lentil is rich in Molybdenum and Folate. It is a great source of Fibre and Minerals like Manganese, Phosphorus and Copper. Also, as it is also rich in Vitamin B1, Zinc, Iron and Protein, it is clear that eating lentil is extremely good for health. However, there are various health issues which you can overcome by intake of this pulse. Therefore, please find below the major health benefits of Lentils.

Good For Muscles:

The muscles in our body require a good amount of protein and amino acids for their growth. Thus, lentil being a great source of protein and amino acids is good for muscles.

Helps In Easy Digestion:

Being a great source of Fibre, lentil can excessively help in easy bowel movement and ease the digestion process.

Good For Pregnant Women:

The high content of Folate in lentil makes it an essential pulse for pregnant women. An expecting mother requires a good amount of Folate in the body for the healthy development of her baby. Thus, intake of lentil is essential for pregnant women.

Boosts Brain Health:

The lentil can also help to improve brain health due to the presence of essential Vitamins and Minerals. The presence of Folate in lentil helps in the production of neurotransmitters which boosts the nervous system health.

Increases Haemoglobin:

Lentil is rich in Iron which our body requires for the production of protein molecule i.e., haemoglobin. The haemoglobin is present in Red Blood Cells and carries the oxygen from lungs to body tissues. Therefore, to maintain a good haemoglobin level, consumption of lentil is a must.

Therefore, including lentil in the diet can prove to be extremely beneficial for your overall health.

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