What are the health benefits of oysters

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What are the health benefits of oysters

Oysters are classified as one of the superfoods that are rich in nutrients and minerals. It is one of the most healthy seafoods that supplies sufficient amount of vitamins to the body. Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Proteins are the compounds that have contributed in making oysters one of the most recommended healthy food.

There are many health benefits of oysters, below are few of them:

Immunity Booster: Oysters helps in boosting up the immunity of the body. It contains a good amount of vitamin C and E in it which makes it anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It helps in fighting against the free radicals during the chemical process.

Keep the Heart Healthy: The presence of Magnesium and Potassium helps in regulating the blood pressure. Oysters also take good care of the arteries of the heart and keep the blood flow in order. Moreover, it restricts the path of any foreign particle that creates hindrance in the natural flow of blood through arteries and veins.

A Blessing for Eyes: Oysters are often considered as a blessing for eyes. They have a rich source of zinc in them which makes the retina healthy. It also improves the vision of eyes by making the eyesight stronger.

Regulates Brain Functioning: Oysters are good for brain. Consuming oyster also helps in sharpening the memory and in the proper functioning of the brain. The presence of zinc, B 12, Iron and other fatty acids makes the brain strong.

Good for Skin: Consumption of oysters reduces the signs of aging. It also helps in healing the skin from internal damage and outer sagging.

Energy Booster: Incorporating oysters in diet boosts the individual body energy. The high proportion of Vitamin B12 serves in increasing body energy and the presence of iron, transports oxygen to our cells which in turn provides more energy to the body.

Good for Sexual health: The amount of zinc present in oysters help in the production of testosterone, a hormone which regulates sexual activities in the body. It helps both men and women in the formation of hormones while intimating.

Healthy Bones: The presence of iron, zinc, copper and other minerals along with calcium help in making the bones stronger and healthier. A mineral known as selenium is present in oysters which are responsible for nourishing the bones and reducing the possibility of fractures and arthritis pain.

Regulates Body Temperature: The presence of iron in oysters is also responsible for regulating and maintaining the body temperature.

Besides the above-mentioned health benefits, there are more areas where Oysters stretch a healthy hand. It also has the capability to fight against acne and pimples too.

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