What are the health benefits of apple

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What are the health benefits of apple

An Apple is one of the most popular fruits available in India. None of us is unaware of the extreme health benefits of an apple. Being high in nutritious value, this fruit alone stands in the category of a superfood. The scientific studies have revealed that consuming an apple a day, actually keeps the doctor away. We must make a note that an Apple is a rich source of fibre, which is extremely required by the body. Hence, let’s find out the benefits of crunching a juicy apple every day.

Rich source of nutrition: Apples are rich in fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin A, E, B1, B2, C, potassium, Vitamin K, manganese and many other essential nutrients. Eating an unpeeled apple is extremely beneficial for the body. Apples also contain polyphenols that are essential for the body.

Apples induce weight loss: Eating an apple, a day helps in rapid weight loss. Due to high fibre content, it makes a person feel fuller for a longer period of time. Besides this, an Apple has a water content in it which also makes the body fill fuller and satiated.

Apples lowers type 2 diabetes level: It is believed that people who eat apple are more likely to suffer less with diabetes. Also, those who are already suffering from type 2 diabetes, should consume an apple a day to lower its level. Due to the presence of antioxidants and polyphenol in apples, one can keep a check on the level of type 2 diabetes.

Apples keep the heart healthy: Apples save our heart from many heart-related issues. They contain fibre and polyphenols that lower the bad cholesterol in the body. Not just this, they also regulate the blood pressure level in the body thus keep the heart healthy. Apple also helps in the formation of HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) which is a good cholesterol. It reduces the risk of heart stroke as well.

Apples help to prevent cancer: Apples are rich in natural compounds, thus they lower down the risk of cancer. It even reduces the risk of death of people who are already suffering from cancer.

Apples help to fight Asthma: Apples are the rich sources of antioxidants and are anti–inflammatory in nature. They help to make our immune system strong due to the presence of quercetin flavonoid in them. Thus, help them to fight against asthma.

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