What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Amla

What Are The Amazing Health Benefits Of Amla

The sweet and sour Amla or Indian gooseberry is high on nutrition and gives amazing benefits to the health. Being low in saturated fat and rich in dietary fibre, vitamin c, vitamin b complex, calcium, iron and many others, Amla is extremely beneficial for health. It can be consumed either fresh, dry or in powdered form. Many Indian also like to eat amla pickle to treat their taste buds. Therefore, to know the immense health benefits which amla provides, please read the article below.

Good For Hair:

The Amla or Indian gooseberry is extremely good to nourish the hair. It strengthens the hair making them shiny and black. The various nutrients present in it helps to maintain the hair health. You can use amla oil for good hair growth too.

Increases Metabolism:

A good amount of protein is essential in our body for development and good health. Amla contains the appropriate protein content which regulates and improves the metabolic function of our body. Thus, keeping our body healthy.

Controls Diabetes:

The chromium present in the amla is good for diabetic patients. The chromium in amla is responsive to insulin thereby balancing the blood sugar level. Consuming amla powder or in the form of fruit is good for diabetic patients.

Good For Eyes:

The Indian gooseberry is also good for eye health. The presence of Vitamin A and carotene helps in improving the eyesight and problems like cataract. Thus, you can eat amla fruit or amla juice to improve your vision.

Helps In Digestion:

The amla is extremely rich in fibre which let the body to improve digestion. Eating amla can enhance the bowel movement reducing the problem of constipation too. Thus, it is good for people who suffer from digestive issues.

Therefore, Amla is extremely beneficial for your skin, hair and health. Thus, without spending much, you can gain good health easily.

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