What Are The Vegetarian Superfoods For Protein

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What Are The Vegetarian Superfoods For Protein

When it comes to protein foods, we think about animal products at first as they are the best source of various protein. But, those who prefer to stay vegan or vegetarian, they usually miss protein foods and as a result, they lack proteins. But you may not know, there are many vegetarian superfoods available in India which are a great source of proteins. These foods even come under your regular diet but you ignore them by preserving misconceptions about these foods. Hence, have a look at the vegetarian superfoods which are the great sources of proteins. (Also Read: What Are The Health Benefits Of Guava Fruit)

Let us tell you, tofu is not Paneer. Tofu is originated from soybeans. As you all know that soybeans are an excellent source of Protein, tofu can provide you with the required amount of the essential amino acids in our body. Tofus need to be steamed or boiled prior to consumption. It gets absorbed by the body easily so it helps in digestion too. Moreover, it has folate, vitamin K and fibre.

These days people are choosing quinoa over rice, and even oats. This superfood has amazing health benefits. It is high in protein. If you take one normal size of quinoa seeds, you will get almost eight grams of protein. It has essential amino acid which is required in our body. So, choosing this seeds can fulfil your protein need in the body.

Chia Seeds:
Chia seeds are again a very good source of vegetarian protein. It contains an essential amount of fatty acids, protein, as well as being soluble fibres. The fatty acids it has is Omega-3, which is quite beneficial for our health. It has anti-inflammatory effects, which is helpful to prevent many diseases. (Also Read: What Are The Superfoods Act Like Anti-Hunger Pills)

Goji Berries:
Goji berries are red in colour and look quite attractive. They are a rich source of proteins with high amino acids. It even has quite a good amount of vitamin C too. To consume this, you can buy goji berry powder which can be added to water or milk. Other than that, you can make smoothies out of it or add to your plate of healthy salads.

Soy milk:
Soy milk is the made of Soybeans. This super healthy milk can be a great source of protein and if you want to avoid dairy milk, you can choose soymilk. It can be a very healthy alternative to cow milk. It contains more than seven grams of protein in per cup. Other than that, this milk has calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12 too. Soybeans do have vitamin B12, so picking a fortified variety is recommended. (Also Read: What Are The Unique Detox Superfoods For Winters)

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