Six Superfoods That Keep You Healthy During Winter

What Are The Best Superfoods For Winter Season

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Winter is the only season where people have high food cravings when sitting inside their warm blanket and enjoying the awesome weather. This is also the season where people suffer from various infections, cold, flu and so on. Thus, to add on to the taste buds while giving a boost to health, we have discussed some amazing superfoods which you should not miss to eat this winter. Therefore, let’s find out what are the best superfoods for the winter season.


Rich in Vitamin A, carrots are must-to-eat in winters. Giving a pink touch to the skin, carrots are extremely beneficial for health as it helps to reduce the respiratory problems and fights against infection.


The crunching nuts are liked by many. Almonds are a rich source of Protein, Magnesium, Fibre, Vitamin B, Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc and so on. Thus, it improves the body immunity and is also good for a glowing and wrinkle free skin.


The Vitamin C rich fruit orange is no doubt delicious and favourite of many. The antioxidant is vital for Phagocytes and T Cells of the body to perform their function. Moreover, the Potassium present in this fruit gives you a glowing skin in the winter season.


The eggs are tasty as well as stuffed with nutrients which are essential for the body especially during winter season. It contains Calcium, Protein, Iron and Amino Acids which give a boost to the health. The eggs also have antibodies which prevent the body from infections. Thus, you can eat boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or any other variety as per you taste of the season.


The ginger is must-to-eat superfood during winter months. The antibiotic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property of ginger helps the body to fight against cold in winters and also improves digestion. The ginger also helps in increasing the blood circulation. You can consume ginger in the form of tea or in paste form using honey.

Lemon Tea:

The lemon tea prepared with the addition of ginger gives a boost to health. Being rich in Vitamin C, lemons help the body fight against cold and flu which is common in winter while strengthening the immunity. The lemon ginger tea works as a remedy to treat a sore throat while giving a sweet-sour taste to the mouth.

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