What Are The Superfoods That Provide You Vitamin K

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What Are The Superfoods Provide You Vitamin K

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We all eat many nutrients foods every day. Many of us lack specific vitamins as we cannot eat every single veggie which provides us different vitamins. But more or less, we get almost all types of vitamins which are beneficial for our health. But, somehow vitamin K lacks in our diet. Actually, we prefer to intake other vitamins and do not realise we are missing vitamin k. But, today we are going to discuss the foods which will provide us Vitamin K. In fact, these foods are superfoods so, you will not only get vitamin K but also other nutrients from these amazing veggies and fruits. Hence, let us know about these foods and fill your grocery bucket today. (Also Read: How To Increase Testosterone Level With Amazing Superfoods)

If you want to get vitamin K, the first vegetable should come to your mind is Kale. Vitamin K present in kale and can help you to clot blood by involving proteins into your blood. This important process can help your platelets to work better and prevent bleeding too much. Besides that, kale has calcium, potassium, and folate, among other vitamins and minerals in a good amount.

Spinach is also a vitamin K based food. To consume this, you can boil or mild roast it. Having spinach just once in a day can cover up the deficiency of vitamin K. Not only this, spinach has vitamins A, B and E, plus magnesium, folate, and iron also. (Also Read: What Are The Vegetarian Superfoods For Protein)

Broccoli is another superfood which has vitamin K in a good amount. You can boil it, add it to your soup, to the curry or any sort of cooking form you will like to have. You can even add some olive oil while cooling.  Olive oil can help the food to make its nutrients intact within it. A tablespoon of olive oil can provide you 10 mcg of vitamin K which you will get from broccoli.

Asparagus is an amazing superfood which provides you with a lot of vitamin K in your body. You have to add some little amount of olive oil and you are ready to get the half of an adequate daily intake of vitamin K. But remember one thing that, eating a lot of vitamin K-rich food for a longer time is not a good for your health. So, you can eat asparagus after every 2-3 days gap for a month.

Soybeansoy beans:
Soybeans are high in nutrients. Soybeans definitely have a lot of vitamin K but it also has iron, omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibre, vitamin B2, magnesium, vitamin K and potassium. But when it comes to vitamin K, soybeans contain vitamin K-1 (phylloquinone) and K-2 (menaquinones). So, taking these beans to fulfil your vitamin K deficiency can be great for your health. (Also Read: Which Superfoods Can Be Ideal For Diabetic Patients)

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