Superfoods for energy: Easy superfood recipes to keep you fueled the whole day

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Easy superfood recipes to keep you fueled the whole day

Easy superfood recipes to keep you fueled the whole day

Superfoods are extremely beneficial for health. They contain lots of anti-oxidants and vitamins as well as nutrients that help eliminate the free radicals and keep the body healthy. By consuming a lot of superfoods, you can give your body the energy needed to work a full day. For consuming the superfoods that give adequate energy to the body, you can prepare some good recipes that are beneficial to keep you healthy throughout the day. These recipes are simple to make and you can have them at any point. Let’s know the recipes made from superfoods to stay energetic throughout the day.  (Also read: What are the best superfoods for fighting stress)

Superfood recipes to keep you fueled the whole day

  • Salmon toast
  • Spinach and fried egg
  • Berry mango smoothie
  • Chickpea and sprout chaat

Salmon toast
To make Salmon Toast, mix chopped vegetables, cream, cheese and salmon pieces together and make the toast with brown bread. A salmon toast contains 193 calories and you can consume it gives you sufficient amounts of energy.  (Also read: Superfoods: Which Superfoods save your life)

Spinach and fried egg
Spinach and egg are rich in many antioxidants and are a good source of energy. Fry the spinach and fry the egg half, and then serve together and garnish with the cheese. There are 273 calories in it and its intake is beneficial for the health. (Also read: What Are The Essential Indian Superfoods We All Should Be Aware Of)

Berry mango smoothie
Berries are rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as vitamins, calcium, potassium are there in sufficient quantity. This smell contains 237 calories. Berry-mangoes make your stomach full and you really feel energetic. To make it, mix blueberries, chopped mangoes, yoghurt and a small piece of ginger together. This can be a good option for breakfast as well or an evening snack for you. (Also read: What Are The Different Superfoods That Help The Different Body Parts)

Chickpea and sprout chaat

Chickpeas and sprouts contain enough amounts of protein, so the combination of them is useful for eating healthy as a snack. Serve granules and sprouts with chopped vegetables and black pepper powder. It is a useful recipe to keep the body energetic throughout the day.

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So, remember the intake of these superfoods to make sure you stay energized. Click the link to read this in Hindi as well.

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