What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Onions

What Are The Side Effects Of Eating Onions

Onion is one such vegetable which is widely added in almost all the curries. The onion is preferred by many due to its good taste and nutritional benefits. Being rich in Phytochemicals and Vitamin C, onions promotes good immunity. However, over eating of onion may also cause severe side effects. As the excess of anything is not good, same is the case with eating onions. Hence, please have a look below and find out some serious side effects of eating onions.

Causes Severe Bloating:

The onion contains a high amount of fructose which our body is unable to digest. Actually, our digestive system is not able to digest high quantity of sugars in the body thus, excessive eating of onions causes severe bloating and gastric issues.

May Lower The Blood Sugar Level Severely:

The Chromium present in the onions helps to regulate the blood sugar level. It helps to release sugar into the bloodstream at a lower level thus, helps to lower the blood sugar level. However, eating too many onions can be dangerous as there is a risk of extreme drop down of sugar level.

May Give Heartburn:

The heartburn occurs when the acid in the stomach flows in the upward direction to the oesophagus, therefore, giving a burning sensation in the heart with utmost discomfort. Eating too much onion can cause excessive acid production in the body and hinder digestion process giving heartburn.

High Concentration Of Potassium Is Bad For Health:

The presence of Potassium in onions helps the body to regulate blood pressure. Eating onions can reduce the blood pressure level. However, excessive eating of onions can be bad for health as it can bring down the blood pressure level drastically causing fatigue, depression, nausea and blurry vision.

Responsible For Bad Breath:

The presence of a good amount of Sulphur in onion helps the body in insulin production and cell detoxification, however, eating too many onions can give your mouth a bad smell or bad breath to be clear. Thus, to avoid embracement, limit the intake of onions.

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