What are the side-effects of consuming too much beetroot

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What are the side-effects of consuming too much beetroot

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of adding beetroot to the diet. The beetroot is an excellent source of iron. It contains a high amount of iron in it. Not just this it contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibres as well. It is often said that consumption of anything beyond a limit is bad for the health.Same is the case with beetroot. When you consume too much beetroot or have too much of it in your diet then it leads to many health problems. It is not just about having beetroot but also the beetroot juice. So let’s find out what are the side effects of having too much beetroot! (Also read: What are the superfoods to stop the premature ageing)

Kidney stones
The beetroot contains a high amount of the oxalate. When you consume an excessive amount of oxalate it can lead to the problem of stones. The beetroot also contains betacyanin that can increase the problem of stones if you are already suffering from the same.

Some people have a problem of allergic reaction in case of the beetroots. So, when they come in contact with the beetroot it leads to the reactions like hives, rashes and itching. So, if you face similar reaction in case of consuming of beetroots, then leave it instantly.

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Increase in blood sugar
The consuming of beetroot leads to increase in blood sugar level. People who have the history of high blood sugar should be extra careful with beetroot. The beetroots contain excessive Glycemic Index that is why people with blood sugar problem should avoid the beetroots.

Lowers the blood pressure
To lower down the blood pressure you can have beetroots. However, if you have the problem of low blood pressure then you should not opt for the beetroots.

Can harm the liver
The beetroot contains copper, phosphorus, magnesium and iron in high amount. It is good for health, but excessive consumption of them can lead to accumulation of these minerals that can harm the mineral. (Also read: What are the best superfoods for a busy person)

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