What are the side effects of strawberries

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What are the side effect of strawberries

Everyone likes the taste of the amazingly delicious strawberry. It is no just great in taste it is indeed appealing to look at. The health benefits of the strawberry are widely known to one and another. However, not many people know that like anything in this world, excessive consumption of strawberries can be harmful to the health. Therefore, one has to be careful while consuming this delicious treat as it can be enemy of your health as well. So, let’s find out what are the possible side effects of consuming of consuming too many strawberries. (Also read: What are the side-effects of consuming too much beetroot)

The strawberry contains a good amount of histamine, other than that it also elements that can cause dizziness, nausea and itching. If you have the fruit allergy then it is important to avoid consuming the strawberry. Due to histamine, you can face the problem of food intolerance. It can cause digestive problems as well.

Excessive fibre
The raw strawberry contains a healthy amount of fibre in it. Just a cup full of strawberry is enough to nourish your body with sufficient fibre. However, too much fibre can harm the body as it blocks the nutrition absorption. Not just that it can harm your digestion too. (Also read: What are the superfoods to stop the premature ageing)

Burning sensation in the mouth
When you have half-ripened or raw strawberry then you can experience the problem of burning sensation in the mouth. So, be careful with the raw strawberries.

Possibility of pesticides
Most of the strawberry found in the market is produced for commercial purposes, as a result, it may contain a layer of pesticides on it. If you consume it, then it can be really harmful to the body.

Harmful to the kidney
The strawberry is amazing for the health of your heart as it is rich in potassium. However, if you are already seeking medication for the heart, then excessive potassium can be harmful to your kidneys. (Also read: What are the best superfoods for a busy person)

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