How Olive Oil Is Beneficial For Your Health

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How Olive Oil Is Beneficial For Your Health

Olive is too much associated with our daily life. These days our lifestyle needs pure food with very less oil, organic foods and a lot of exercises. That is why even doctors prescribe to almost everyone to eat food made with olive oil. Surprising, olive oil is not only helpful for our body, but it can solve all our purposes of taking a good hair care, skin care etc. But, besides that, the immense benefit of olive oil is still unknown to many people. It is one of those superfoods which have all types of nutrients inside it with a very rich level. Hence, have a look at the followings: (Also Read: Why Indian Moringa Is Greater Than Any Other Superfoods)

Fights infections:
Olive oil is amazing to treat the infections and the inflammations inside and outside of the body. When there is any chronic inflammation it can lead to many other diseases. Olive oil can reduce inflammation quite efficiently and this makes olive oil the most important oil for the human health. It is anti-inflammatory in nature and is anti-oxidant. Moreover, It has oleocanthal which is used to make an anti-inflammatory drug.

An amazing source of antioxidants:
When the olive is a virgin, it is more efficient to work in our body. It is a great source of antioxidants which restricts and prevents the damage of free radicals inside our body. By doing this, olive oil makes us more immune and simultaneously helps the free radicals to fight more with the foreign radicals. Moreover, it has fatty acids, which contain high amounts of Vitamins E and K. So, these fatty acids and antioxidants together fight inflammation. (Also Read: Find Out The Amazing Benefits Of Superfood Kale)

Better cardiac system:
Olive oil is great for your heart. However, there are a lot of refined oil brands who promote themselves by showing advertisements on TV. But trust us, the benefits olive oil are more than any other oil. Heart care comes on the top list when it comes to talking about the benefits of olive oil. It prevents fat storage naturally. When there is a disturbed blood flow to the brain, it causes a stroke. This amazing oil has monounsaturated fat which is associated with the prevention of the strokes and heart disease.

Great to maintain your weight:
Olive is a great oil which triggers weight loss. It has a less amount of calorie content than other oils. Many studies say that olive oil lays favourable effects on the body weight. Those who suffer from obesity, they should prefer olive oil. Even doctors swear by this oil. Moreover, it has increased levels of antioxidants in the blood and causes weight loss easily. (Also Read: Benefits of Blackberry as a superfood)

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