How We Are Killing The Goodness Of Superfoods Unknowingly

How We Are Killing The Goodness Of Superfoods Unknowingly

We are concerned about the superfoods and try to incorporate them into your regular diet. But, are you sure that you are eating these amazing foods in the right way? Maybe you are killing the goodness of the superfoods unknowingly. There are many wrong practices or habits we have which are not good for us. You may be thinking that you and your family are getting the nutrients of superfoods every day but you are eating the useless foods because you have killed the goodness already. This happens to almost all of us unconsciously. Hence, have a look at the habits by which we are killing the goodness of superfoods. This will help you to avoid killing the goodness of foods (Also Read: Which Regular Foods Are Actually Superfoods)

Keeping the spinach in the fridge for a long time:
Many people go grocery shopping on the weekends mostly. They keep veggies and fruits in the fridge and eat them every day. There is no harm if you keep other veggies in the fridge and eat them after a week but you can not keep spinach for a long time there. Spinach has vitamin C, folate and vitamins. But keeping them in the fridge for a long time can kill all these nutrients. So if you are buying spinach eat them fresh.

Eating sugary yoghurt:
Yoghurt is an amazing superfood. Its probiotic formula can make you stay healthy for the entire day. Not only this, it has calcium, protein, and some amount of Vitamin D. But, these components work better when the yoghurt is plain, non-fat, or low-fat varieties. If you go for flavoured yoghurt, you will get only added flavours, sugar and preservatives. You are eating just a yoghurt which has no nutrients and qualities. (Also Read: What Are The Superfoods That Help You To Increase Your Focus)

How We Are Killing The Goodness Of Superfoods Unknowingly

You are drinking bottled green tea:
Green tea is loaded with important nutrients. You may go to a tea shop and ask for green tea. But make sure the tea is not bottled. The green tea is rich in polyphenols that help lower your risk for heart disease and cancer. But if you brew and drink the bottled green tea with chunks of sugar cubes, the nutrients may go away gradually. So, there is no point drinking this tea when the nutrients are not even present in the cup. So, choose the tea bags only when it comes to drinking green tea.

You often eat falafels:
Obviously, falafels are great in taste and an amazing snack. Beans, peas and legumes are loaded with nutrients. They mostly contain zinc, iron, and lots of B vitamins, fibre, and protein. So, altogether a great thing to lose weight. But, if you fry them and prepare falafels out of them, it kills some amount of nutrients. Moreover, if you are frying them, they contain a huge amount of oil which eventually trigger your weight gain. So, this is baseless if you eat weight loss foods but frying them in oil. (Also Read: How Olive Oil Is Beneficial For Your Health)

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