How Curd Is Extremely Beneficial For Health

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How Curd Is Extremely Beneficial For Health

The curd is a dairy product which is obtained by coagulating milk. It is a product which almost everyone consumes and it is a must include in Indian meals. The curd provides many health benefits of which only a few people are aware of. Known as ‘Dahi‘ in India, the curd is extracted from milk which has many nutritional properties. [Also Read: 6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cranberries]

Therefore, below mentioned are some important health benefits of curd which make it a superfood too:

Improves Digestion:

The curd contains beneficial bacteria which helps the digestive system to function smoothly. Hence, our digestive system easily absorbs the food we eat . The curd is easily absorbed by the digestive system also, it absorbs the nutrients from other foods too like those of spicy food to keep the digestive system functioning smoothly.

Makes Heart Healthy:

Being rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, the curd is beneficial for our body. It prevents the creation of cholesterol in the body thereby, reducing the chances of hypertension and heart problems. [Also Read: Ten Best Anti-Aging Superfoods]

Boosts Immunity:

It has in it the good bacteria which boosts the immune system by fighting against harmful microorganisms. It has Lactic acid which enhances the B and T cells responsible to boost body immunity. Hence, eating curd can keep your body healthy and fit.

Reduces Weight:

The curd is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Calcium. The high content of Calcium hinders the pumping of more cortisol which leads to weight gain. Thus, by this, curd efficiently helps in reducing body weight.

Good For Teeth:

As mentioned above, the curd is a great source of Calcium. Also, it is rich in Phosphorus content too. Thus, the presence of high amount of Calcium and Phosphorus makes the teeth stronger. The same nutrients are vital for bone health too hence, the curd is essential again if you want to make your bones stronger.

Good For Skin:

The curd comprises of Minerals, Zinc, Vitamin E and Phosphorus which is good for skin. Moreover, it also helps in treating sunburn and acne. So, if you want to get a glowing and flawless skin, apply curd for the same. [Also Read: Best Superfoods Which Every Man Should Eat]

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